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I’m pretty good at taking care of myself physically. I work out, try to eat healthy (often succumbing to a good burger) and place importance on my skincare and haircare routine. But what about mentally and emotionally? There is stigma surrounding mental health that sometimes makes it hard to openly discuss our problems and adress them. These are uncertain and stressful times for many– COVID-19 is affecting our SMU community and the world. A global pandemic is going on, yet a lot of us have to continue working and keeping up with school. With all this stress piling on, I wanted to write a couple of ways to make sure you are taking care of yourself internally. Keep on reading for my wellness tips!

Seek Professional Help

There are many resources at your disposal both on and off campus- use them! It might be intimidating to talk to someone but there are trained professionals out there ready to help you feel your best.

Prioritize Yourself

As the semester starts getting more and more hectic and you struggle to find normalcy during quarantine, it’s hard to fit in “me” time. Whenever I feel busy and stressed out I give myself an hour to do whatever I want. Sometimes I take a nap, watch Netflix, put a face mask on or workout. Whatever the activity is, I always feel refreshed and less stressed out after.

Write It Down

I find that writing down my worries or tasks helps me feel less anxious. There is something therapeutic about seeing it on paper that maks things less daunting and stressful, so write away!

Call A friend

Friends and family are excellent support sources. Hanging out with a friend and sharing your problems can make you feel so much better, but if you do this make sure you are keeping social distance measures. I rely on my friends heavily during stressful times. If you are self-isolating you could also facetime or zoom a family member; a call with your mom can go a long way- trust me.


Believing in something or someone can help you cope with daily stressors. Spirituality is not religion, but it can be. Meditation and yoga are other powerful alternatives to grow spiritually. And if that’s not your cup of tea you can start daily positive reaffirmations, and believe in the power of YOU.

Be kind to yourself and others; I hope this helps someone make it through midterms and quarantine! Stay safe and healthy!


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