Yayoi Kusama: All the Eternal Love I Have for the Pumpkins

October 25, 2017 by

Dallas has been graced with one of Yayoi Kusama’s signature Infinity Mirror rooms. At the Dallas Museum of Art, the installation is the first mirror pumpkin room created by Kusama since 1991, and the only Infinity Mirror Room of its kind in the North American collection. The room focuses the reflective chamber on a series of acrylic yellow gourds covered in black polka dots, one of Kusama’s frequently used symbols.


Tickets are available for purchase online for $16. Visitors are allowed in two at a time and are only allotted 45 seconds inside the room. Once inside you are free to take photos and videos as long as the flash is off.

I’ve seen pictures of Kusama’s exhibitions all across my Instagram feed, so I had to go check it out for myself. The room was much smaller than I had anticipated – it’s a box. Once inside the room, time felt much longer than 45 seconds, somewhat to the point where I had already taken my photos and was ready to get out. When waiting for my friends who went after me, I barely had time to blink by the time they were done.

While extremely pricey for a mere 45 seconds, it was a cool exhibition to see, and if you’re into art, I recommend heading over to the DMA. Kusama’s larger exhibition in Los Angeles sold out before opening day, so Dallas may be your only chance to see an exhibition by Kusama.

The exhibit will remain in Dallas until February 25, 2018.


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