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Have you ever found yourself, scrolling through your endless Instagram feed full of epic street style outfits, thinking to yourself (or if you’re like me, texting your friends IN ALL CAPS) I need this now! I’m going to go ahead and assume that’s a yes as you are currently perusing through SMUstyle. rewardStyle has finally figured out every Instagram-obsessed fashionista’s dream. rS first got it right with its blog-monetizing software. When you log onto your favorite blogger’s site, say Cupcakes and Cashmere by Emily Schuman, you can scroll down to the bottom of her most recent post and find links to all the drool-worthy items she’s wearing. Today, that’s a link to anything from her classic Ray Ban aviators to her Joie dress and even her Tom Ford ‘Nude Vanille’ lipstick. rewardStyle has made purchasing fashion bloggers’ style not only accessible but one-click easy.




But what about Instagram? Until now, most bloggers would post a cute outtake of their most recent look on Instagram and caption it something along the lines of “New on the blog! Head over to (enter cutesy blog title here) to find outfit credits!” But doesn’t that sometimes take just too long?




What It Looks Like:

Courtney Kerr Gal Meets Glam

Fashionably abbreviated by brands and bloggers alike, LikeTK.it is making style steals from your favorite Instagrammers quick and easy.


How to Join:


    1. 1. Bite the rose-gold bullet and sign up for LikeTK.it here. It’s free and will become your sartorialist savor so just go ahead get to it!


    1. 2. Like a photo tagged with LikeTK.it links like the ones pictured above and immediately you’ll receive an email with links to what your favorite guy or gal is wearing.


    1. 3. Not a fan of email? Log into your LikeTK.it at www.liketk.it and you can find a growing list of your LikeTK.it Instas by clicking Menu and selecting “My Likes Feed” for never-ending style stalking.


Because of LIKEtoKNOW:IT, you’ll never have to ask “where did you get that?” again.


Still a little confused how it all works? No worries, boo. rewardStyle is here to help. Check out this video:

How It Works // LIKEtoKNOW.IT from LIKEtoKNOWit on Vimeo.

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