Workout Wednesday: The Bar Method

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Continuing with Workout Wednesday, let’s talk barre. The Bar Method has been my go-to for an intense workout that you can do every day, this class will seriously become a part of your daily routine! I love barre for several reasons, one being that you get a great workout with minimal sweating and can go about the rest of your day feeling energized and motivated. For those of us who are looking to try barre but don’t know where to start, The Bar Method is a reliable and exciting workout that will keep you coming back. With 121 locations across the U.S and Canada, The Bar Method is a staple in many people’s fitness routines, and it should be a part of yours too!

Pricing varies by the studio, although expect there to be a Groupon for your local studio so that you can try it out! The groupons for Bar Method are a great value and often are for unlimited classes for the whole month. Another membership option to consider is their student/teacher package which is also unlimited for the month. One drop-in class at the Park Cities location is $25, and prices per class drop depending on how many you buy at a time.

Park Cities Bar Method

The Bar Method instructors are highly trained and it takes months for them to be certified, so if you have an injury or need adjustments they are specialized in giving modifications for you. One of my favorite aspects of the bar method is that they take knowing their clients very seriously, within one or two classes the instructor will know you by name!

My favorite class at The Bar Method is their classic mixed level, this is suitable for entry-level students or barre experts alike. Each class follows the same flow of body-focused exercises, but the instructors switch up the sets each time to keep it unpredictable. A standard class will flow like this: A warm-up, arms, legs, glutes and butt, and finally abs and back dancing. The mixed level class is an hour in total, and they give you time to stretch and reset after each focus area.

Expect your legs and abs to feel it after one class, and hopefully you will experience ‘the shake’ during your first class! This means that your muscles are fatiguing and changing, which creates leaner, longer muscles like a dancer!

images courtesy of The BarMethod

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