Workout Wednesday: Pilates by Nature

February 26, 2020 by

I’m back with another Worktout Wednesday! This week I tried the trendy new studio, Pilates by Nature in Uptown.

Located right near the Crescent hotel, this studio is unlike any other, the lush vibes inside will attract plant lovers of all kinds. The studio opened in 2019, and has so many amenities that I kind of lost track!


To name a few: they have an infrared sauna, kombucha and nitro bar (FREE!), and chromotherapy. Also lots of merch, for those of us who care more about the fashion than the workout (guilty). Inside the studio they had lush plants hanging from the ceiling as well as mounted onto the wall, it certainly was like no workout I’d ever been to. Kind of like if Equinox and The Rain Forest Cafe had a baby, haha.

Now onto the workout, I would say that this pilates class was a lot less challenging than previous classes I have taken in Dallas. I was somewhat disappointed with the level of intensity, although if you are brand new to pilates this could be a great place for you to start. I was really hoping for an intense, shaking, pilates class but it was focused a lot more around stretching and not so much working out. That being said, the workout was mainly resistance TRX training, and you could amp up the resistance if needed.


In the past, the instructors are knowledgable and make corrections, but this instructor was a substitute and seemed a bit lost. I think she did a great job for an entry level class. For those of us who want a little more intensity I don’t think this is the studio for you. Maybe it was an off day for the instructor but she seemed like she was not present in the class. Although, the music was great and I honestly had a fun time being there, I just wish it had pushed me a bit more.


Overall, I would go back and give it another chance. I really want to LOVE this place, and I think if the instructor amped up the difficulty I’d be more than happy to grab a membership! The studio is so close to everything Uptown has to offer, and all of the amenities can’t be beat.

Get after it!



Photos courtesy of Pilates by Nature

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