Workout Wednesday: From Home

March 26, 2020 by

Back to workout Wednesday, I hope y’all have stayed safe over spring break!

This is a workout my good friend and workout buddy, Kate Bowers, sent me to do while I am at home over break and the two weeks following. For this workout, you will need some dumbbells, and if your local gym is open I would recommend doing it there. I used 5-pound dumbbells during cardio and 20-pound during the lifting portion for reference. If you have no weights, I would recommend lifting a household object around 10 pounds, perhaps double fist bottles of champagne?

P.S I did this workout today for 8 rounds and it was killer! This is what our typical workouts look like when we hit the gym together.

Kate’s workout plan:


30 seconds jump squats
30 seconds dumbbell punches
30 seconds mountain climbers
30 seconds plank jacks
15 seconds burpees
45 seconds rest

repeat 8-10 rounds

Banded weighted squats 25 reps
Banded weighted hip thrusts 20 reps
Sidestep weighted squats 10 reps
Lunges with dumbbells 10 reps

repeat 3 times.

Throw in some jumping jacks if you need extra cardio!

Make sure that you have a cool down such as walking and stretching at the end of this workout.

Get after it! – Maddie

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