Workout Wednesday: Body Bar Pilates

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Stuck in the same old yoga rut? Fear not, introducing the Workout Wednesdays series… devoted to trying the hottest pilates, barre, and more around Dallas! About once a week I am committing to trying a new workout spot around town, and finding all of those hidden gems for you. No writers were hurt (too badly) in the creation of this series. Grab your favorite leggings and grip socks and come along for the ride!

Kicking off the series with Bodybar Dallas, this pilates studio has a variety of reformer classes that vary in difficulty. The studio is gorgeous and located on Travis st near Ziziki’s greek restaurant and Trader Joe’s. A short drive from campus, this studio is actually within comfortable walking distance on the Katy trail from campus. At $32 per class it was a bit expensive for me, but they are on Classpass, which was about 7/8 credits per class.


The studio has 12 reformers, which creates an individual experience and an intimate environment. The instructors definitely take advantage and gave me several hands-on corrections while I was taking the class. Here’s a tip, attend the afternoon of mid-day classes, there were only 2 other women in mine! In pilates and barre, it is not uncommon that they call you out by name, but it is only to prevent you from hurting yourself. The instructor was very encouraging and would repeatedly compliment and correct us throughout the class. The heavy focus on technique had me shaking in the first few minutes, which I was excited to see because that means your muscles are fatiguing and changing! The reformer class is packed with lunges and side lunges, in order to tone and shape the legs. The class also had lots of leg and core moves, which start to burn after a few reps.

The reformer class is a modern twist in classic pilates, with enough changes to keep you on your toes and engaged. As a barre addict who previously worked at The Bar method, sometimes I feel a bit sleepy during barre or pilates because it can get kind of predictable, but not here! This class works your whole body, but you will especially feel it in your thighs and glutes, which I wanted to target during the class. Many of the exercises focus on using the carriage and your body weight, this class heavily challenged my balance and flexibility.


Overall, I would go back to Bodybar, the staff was very friendly and engaging, for those of you who don’t love cardio this could be your new go-to! The class kind of went in waves from moderate to hard, then a stretch and a new movement starting over again.  I was definitely sweating by the end and felt amazing when it was over. Other amenities the studio offered included water, towels (dry or cold/refrigerated), toiletries, changing area, and restroom. The studio also had some cute merch on display which I tried my best to avoid!

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images are from Bodybar’s website

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