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February 12, 2020 by

After requests by our readers, I’m back this week with a boxing gym review of 9Round Fitness! 

Located conviently in Mockingbird station, Core Power Yoga better watch its back because this workout had me panting and done in 30 minutes! If you live in the South side dorms (Crum area) this studio is a perfect walking distance for you. They also have a Preston Rd location, for those of us who live closer to that location.

9Round is exactly what you think it would be, nine different excersises in 3 minute intervals. For my first round, I warmed up with a jump rope. This got my heart pumping right away, and the music was just as inspiring as the coaches there. They had a great variety of rap and house music if that’s your thing, I love anything Kendrick Lamar so I was having a great time. Also, inbetween rounds the coaches had us do a 30 second interval excersise such as a plank or sit ups.

Next, I moved to a weights station and did bicep curls and jump squats. After I completed the two ‘warm up’ rounds (which honestly weren’t a warm up I was already dying) I got to a punching bag. For the third and fourth round I had a variety of kicks that I had to do. By this time I was honestly tired, but the short intervals kept it refreshing and fun. The bags are heavy, which takes some getting used to but it really helps with the strength trainging aspect.

The fifth, sixth, and seventh rounds were all different types of boxing punches: such as a hook, jab, hammer punch, etc. If you are unfamilar with boxing, don’t worry at all! The coaches were more than happy to give me a refresher on technique and form so that I wouldn’t injure myself. The eigth round was a combo of kicking and punching, which once I got the hang of it was pretty fun. The alternating between shin kicks and hammer punches were fun and quick, I was never bored

Lastly, the ab round. This was KILLER! It was totally doable, but I felt such a burn. Overall I thought it was an awesome workout, and for busy students who have a job and school it is a perfect HIIT routine to get into. My heart was definitely pumping although not all of the excersises were cardio. If you are looking to build muscle, burn calories and fat, and have a blast doing it I would seriously check out this gym. Their prices are by monthly, but you can try this gym for free.

The only downside to this studio: There is no shower! That certainly made me think twice about getting a membership just because of how sweaty I was when I was done. This would be a great workout to end your day, when you haven’t washed your hair and need a good sweat. The other thing: They only do monthly membership packages, with no drop ins. So if you can’t commit, this studio may not be for you. That being said if you like intense, Barry’s bootcamp esque workouts you will love this!


Get after it!


Images courtesy of 9round Fitness

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