What’s In Her Bag? : Christina Paulus

November 12, 2018 by

Christina Paulus lets us take a peek inside the inner workings of her handbag…and it does not disappoint.

There is no perfect recipe for filling your bag. Some people like to keep it simple with just keys and a wallet, while others seem to carry a bottomless pit of everything they will never need. We all have that one friend who happens to have a band aid…and a sewing kit…and a portable charger just in case. Those friends are good to have, but the best bag components are unique and tailored to their owner. Senior Christina Paulus’ curation of essentials is the perfect mix of cult classics and on trend items to ensure she is prepared for whatever or wherever the day may take her. Lets take a peek inside her mini vintage Fendi **swoon** to see what she keeps on hand:

  1. Sparkly Scrunchie – Can add a little kick to any outfit and a must for windy days
  2. Cocunut Water Dry Shampoo – Great for a mid day refresh and the smell alone will take you straight to the beach
  3. Winky Lux Mascara – Mascara on the go for those moments when your friends convince you to go out
  4. Glossier Lip Balm – Balm dotcom to combat the dry winter air, bonus points for tasting just like Milk Bar birthday cake
  5. Eucalyptus Essential Oil – Great for relaxation and doubles as a perfume
  6. Hydrating Serum – Can transform your skin in seconds and keep you hydrated throughout the day
  7. Chanel Nail Polish – A classic bottle of polish always comes in handy, especially if you find that spare 30 minutes to dip into a salon
  8. Hoop Earrings – Keep a pair of everyday hoops that you can wear day or night to quickly polish up your look
  9. Sunnies – Tina snagged these on Canal St. for 5 dollars!! A pair of trendy sunnies adds something extra and can hide your under eye bags in any situation

xx, MB

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