What To Wear When Working From Home (And Maybe In The Office): Workleisure

September 1, 2020 by

*Dreaming of a job where I can wear leggings to work*

Ok fine, that probably won’t happen unless I work at Lulu, but COVID may have introduced the next best thing…

We are now living in a world where workleisure is becoming all the rage! I think we can all agree that it’s nearly impossible to get dressed up for your virtual internship on a Monday morning after you’ve been in baggy sweatpants all weekend long. Everyone is guilty of throwing on a nice blouse with some comfy leggings during the pandemic, but ladies we can’t do that everyday! Seriously, believe me when I say this: sporting work appropriate clothes puts your mind in “work mode” and makes getting in your loungewear so much more special. Fortunately, workleisure is here to give us a happy medium between those formal power suits from the 20th century and the cozy sweatshirts we are sometimes so desperate to wear.

The workplace dress code has been becoming more and more casual for quite some time — it went from black and navy, tailored suits to a more business casual look. But with the help of the pandemic, the move towards casualization has really sped up. Basically, workleisure is business casual athleisure that you can most likely pull off in the office and definitely at home on a Zoom call…it’s as business appropriate as it is comfortable! Workleisure incorporates athletic, technical materials, like lycra, and transforms them into work/dinner/night out-suitable pieces. There are elastic waistbands, stretchy blazers, baggy sweaters, and so much more!

It seems internships and jobs are going to be virtual for quite some time, so we may as well be classy yet comfy in workleisure attire. Many of our favorite brands have created workleisure pieces without us even knowing! Some of my go-to places to find workleisure are Tory Sport, Carbon 38, and Veronica Beard. Here are some of my fav workleisure pieces!

Oversized Shirt | Classic Wide-Leg Track Pants | Scuba Dickey Jacket

I’m so excited for y’all to work in style yet comfort!



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