What to Wear to Mardi Gras

February 15, 2019 by

Every year over a million people flock to New Orleans to relish in the festivities that accompany Mardi Gras traditions. Whether you’re sipping on a Hurricane on Bourbon or cheering on the parade on St. Charles, a unique, exciting, and versatile outfit is the key to success at Mardi Gras.

The festivities fall on the first weekend of March this year, so we are likely looking at daytime temperatures in the 70s with chillier nights. Let the suggestions below act as inspiration for the big weekend, and remember to keep it comfortable so you can focus on the party!

Dancing in the Daylight 


Have fun with your daytime looks – it is Mardi Gras after all! And pro-tip: leave your fancy shoes and bags at home because things can get messy.

 Boogie Nights 


If you’re lucky enough to snag an hour or 2 for yourself to shower the day off and get ready for the night, aim for the perfect balance of clubby and casual. Keep in mind the fact that you’ll likely be droppin it low on a pool table at F&M’s when it comes to hemlines and pant elasticity… and HAVE FUN!


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