What To Do With Your Saturday Now That Boulevard Season Is Over

December 6, 2019 by

The end of football season marks the start of fall, finals, and excessive fairy lights on Dallas hall. However, without the opportunity to cheer on our ‘Stangs (go sports!!) we’re left with a giant, Boulevard shaped hole in our hearts.

As much as it hurts to admit, Boulevarding has sadly come to an end. While the chance to “darty” in a dress and heels is over, it doesn’t mean you have to waste your weekend holed up in your dorm. Here are the best ways to spend your Saturday now that Boulevard Season is over.

  1. Petland

Like I said, we’re currently in the midst of finals and the worst is far from over. While your Sunday plans may be limited to cramming at Fondren, a little bit of puppy therapy is exactly what the doctor ordered. Walk into Petland, pick out your dream puppy, and spend as long as you want playing with your new baby.

2. Edible Arrangements

If you were to make a definite ranking of superior foods, there’s a solid chance chocolate and fruit would make the top five. While specialising in giant fruit baskets, Edible Arrangements in Snider Plaza also sells small assortments of chocolate covered strawberries. Whether you’re a fan of white, dark, or milk chocolate, take a trip up the road from campus and pick up a box with friends. It’s the perfect way to get your chocolate fix while eating something that’s still (mostly) healthy.

3. The Eye

We’ve all passed it in an Uber while going out, and we’ve all wondered what it is. While I can’t really answer that, it’s pretty dope. Why not let your home friends wonder just what the heck Dallas is on with The Eye as a back-drop for your latest Insta post? Besides, it’s a stone’s throw away from Dallas’s arts district, so you and your totally cultured friends could make a day out of it.

4.  Dallas Farmers Market

As much as we’re all soooo fond of SMU’s on campus dining facilities, sometimes we need a break from assorted fried meat and dry cereal. Open 7 days a week, the Dallas Farmers Market is the one-stop shop for all fresh produce, baked goods, handmade crafts, and any snack you could think of.  All made fresh on the spot, you can pick up anything from tapas to banh mi.

5. Trinity Groves

This fairly new stretch of  restaurants and retail shops is definitely an untapped resource by the SMU community. Located on the side of the Trinity river, it has cute cafes and boutiques that are just begging to be explored. Thanks to a Restaurant Concept Incubation program, Trinity Groves allows business owners to test drive new ideas to see if they’re ready for expansion, meaning that no two visits are alike.

6. Deep Ellum Brewing Company Trivia Night

While this might sound like something your grandparents would do on date night, nothing bonds a group of friends like a game of Trivia. Something about an edgy atmosphere and an abundance of artisanal cocktails brings out the competitive spirit like nothing else. You don’t even have to be the best at trivia, as sometimes sitting back and watching the other teams (somewhat) intellectually brawl it out is entertainment in itself.

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