Welcome, Freshmen!

August 28, 2020 by

Freshmen, we are so excited to welcome you to the greatest place on earth! Hope your first week is going fabulously!

To say I was a nervous wreck leading up to my first week at SMU would be an understatement. I had SO many questions! What do I wear? Will I find friends? Will I have everything I need for my dorm? Will I be bombarded with work? And, the list goes on and on and on. Going into college is terrifying. Anyone who tells you differently is lying!! A lot of you are being dropped off in an entirely new city during a PANDEMIC and being told “see you in three months!” It’s basically impossible for that to not overwhelm you! But, I know this is a challenge that every single one of you can conquer.

Unfortunately, there’s not really a manual to guide you through your freshmen year but we are here to give you bits and pieces of advice that will definitely help make this unknown journey ahead of you a little bit easier. Keep scrolling to read some SMUStylist’s tips for surviving freshmen year!

Meg B: “Soak up every moment! While there may be some hard times, you only get one freshmen year of college and it goes by so fast! Reach out to people and never turn down an opportunity hangout with new people!”

Caroline M: “My advice for the freshmen is to always be yourself. Don’t try to act a certain way or wear certain things to fit it, and don’t be nervous about rushing or how you are acting around older girls. People will love you for who you are and all the funny stories you have to tell, so don’t be nervous and truly enjoy your first semester :)”

Valentina M: “Be yourself, be nice to everyone, meet as many people as possible. Some of my best friends today I met the first week of school in the most random places.”

Maddie N: “Learn to balance school and social life. School comes first, but have fun!!”

Ana Paula T: “Find balance and a routine that works for you early on! And sleep A LOT!”



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