We Dem Boys

February 12, 2015 by


If I were a boy…….


Well I don’t exactly want that (here’s looking at you Bruce Jenner), but I do love to borrow from our male counterparts every once in a while. Although I have my fair share of sky-high heels and flirty skirts, I’m a big sucker for androgynous dressing. Not only does it make me feel like a bad-ass, but it’s comfy too… and fashion doesn’t have to be pain all the time, right? Plus, if you’ve been blessed with the midget genes like me and Nati, you too can be lucky enough to score some great finds in the little boys department, since we’re all just ballin’ on a college budget over here.


From collared shirts and blazers, to sweatpants and sneakers, and everything in between, if he’s wearing it, so are we.



Get the look: shirt/jacket/shorts/hat/sunglasses2526

Get the look: shirt/jacket/pants/hat/shoes2122

Get the look: shirt/blazer/jeans/shoes29_ 31 32

Get the look: shirt/jacket/pants/shoes/hat37


Get the look: shirt/jacket/pants/shoes45


Now start dressing like a man (but keep thinking like a woman)


xx SL + n_bru

Photos by Taylor Lewis


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