Wardrobe Solutions for a Seasonally Confused City

February 10, 2017 by

It was 80 degrees two days ago and it’s 40 degrees today…sooo what do I wear?!

Sound familiar…?

One of the greatest things about Dallas is that it brings together a wide variety of people ranging from LA to New York. Unfortunately, the weather from both sides of the country likes to make an appearance as well…usually within the same 48 hours. Whether you’re from the west coast and you’re struggling to figure out how to wear your normal year-round skirts and tank tops on the colder days, or you’re from the east coast and can’t seem to figure out how to incorporate your usual heavy winter apparel on the warmer days, we’ve got you covered.

Looking effortlessly on trend while attempting to still maintain some level of practicality can feel like an impossible task. Have no fear, with a little extra thought you can easily take your summer wardrobe to winter or vise versa. Don’t get stuck baking in the sun at The Rustic while wearing your new favorite velvet coat or turtleneck sweater. Although you can’t do much about Dallas’ mood swings, you can try these 5 tips to keep your style in check with the current weather.

A Summer Dress

Utilize your summer dresses while still looking seasonally appropriate by adding a suede jacket and over-the-knee boots. The perfect blend of your winter and summer wardrobes.

A Wool Sweater

Pair a classic solid wool sweater with a patterned mini skirt and booties to keep (semi) warm at the bars on colder nights.

A Turtleneck

Although turtlenecks have always been used for the purposes of staying warm, they’ve also made a huge comeback as far as trends go over the past year. For the westerners who are new to the concept, ease in by trying a sleeveless turtleneck sweater with your favorite ripped skinny jeans and booties. You can easily take this look from day drinking at Ice House to dinner in Uptown.

A Sleeveless Coat

A sleeveless coat gives you the perfect opportunity to sport a long coat silhouette without having to worry about getting too hot.

A Jumper

Take your summer jumper to your winter wardrobe by throwing on a long sleeve turtleneck underneath and tights if it’s a cooler day.



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