WANGINC: Alexander Wang Goes Corporate

February 15, 2018 by

Alexander Wang bid adieu to New York Fashion Week on Tuesday with a collection worthy of a #wangover.

Under the fluorescent lighting of 4 Times Square (aka the former Vogue offices), sky high models paraded through rows of cubicles clad in Alexander Wang autumn/winter 18. Guests were greeted with spiral notebooks donning the emblem “AWG: Serving the Industry Since 2004,” which complimented the corporate theme of the show. Shying away from his usual fashion week extravaganzas which have included impromptu street shows and exclusive after parties, it felt as if Wang brought this show back to his roots and set the stage for a new chapter for the brand.

The front row presented a hodgepodge of personalities readily awaiting the collection. Anna Wintour chatted with Cardi B, while Bella Hadid posed for pics in the company lobby. But the clothes themselves were the star of the gathering. Wang’s collection featured structured black mini suits adorned expertly with silver zippers, a nod to the power of the working woman. The models wore pink tweed separates, floor length leather coats, and leggings emblazoned with the digits of the “company credit card.” Not to mention the crystal embellished tights and relentlessly chic matrix glasses that would make any 90’s fanatic swoon. He even included rhinestone snack bags to combat those mid workday hunger pangs.

Wang’s CEO motif is a nod to his new position as chief executive officer of the company in addition to his position as creative director. This is the end of an era for Wangfest fashion week fanatics, but flips the page for the brand’s exciting and refined future. Wang’s limited CEO capsule inspired by the show is available now on his website.

Brb gonna go fill out my application to work at #WangINC!!

xx, MB

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