Virtual, or Reality? Dreamscape at NorthPark

February 27, 2020 by

Dreamscape—the ultimate VR experience just opened at NorthPark mall. In partnership with AMC, this mini theatre gives you multiple options for a way to take an adventure with virtual reality.

The AMC at NorthPark is definitely one of the most popular theatres in Dallas. It’s personally my favorite because you have so many things to do before or after a movie, like eat or shop.

Apparently, this experience is crazy and some parts may feel completely real. Right now at this location there are three different VR options.

Taran Stahle says, “it is such a unique experience that is almost indescribable. It is nothing like I have ever seen before. I walked out of it speechless.”

The first one is called “Curse of the Lost Pearl”. This adventure takes you through the jungles of Mesoamerica. During this show, the mission is to find the missing jewel. This film is action packed, very interactive, and your goal is to stay safe.  Watch the trailer here.

The second option is called “Alien Zoo”. With this one you’re working with the Intergalactic Wildlife Federation to visit the Alien Zoo by transporting in a hovercraft. With VR technology, you take a tour through the wildlife refuge … but there’s a twist. It’s in space. Watch the trailer here.

Lastly, there is “The Blu”. This ocean adventure brings you  through the ocean to rescue a blue whale. You’re acting as a diver on an elite team ready to search through marine life. Here is the trailer.


There are some things you need to remember after booking your tickets. You can reserve them here for only $20 each.

Here’s a checklist:

-You must be over the age of 10 to attend and 4” tall

-Arrive 15 minutes before the “departure time”

-The experience lasts about 35 minutes start to finish

-Wear comfortable clothes that you can move in

-I would recommend going with your friends because a lot of these experiences require team work.

*All of my information was gathered from All photos came from the same link, or AMC theaters, Wevr, and VRScout

-Nina Kidd

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