V for Virgil and Vuitton

March 26, 2018 by

Louis Vuitton has named Virgil Abloh as its new menswear designer.

Virgil, the creator of coveted streetwear brand, Off-White, is the first African-American artistic director for Louis Vuitton. Virgil wears many hats. When he is not working on Off-White cutting edge designs, Virgil acts as Kanye West’s creative director, produces blockbuster shows and DJs on the side. Needless to say, the man has talent.

LV’s choice to appoint Virgil as head of menswear design comes off the heels of the mergence of streetwear and luxury – a trend that seems here to stay. Virgil has an innate skill for creativity and has become incredibly revered amongst fashion experts and lovers alike.

What should we expect from LV’s menswear moving forward? I am predicting the influx of athleisure and reinterpretation/repurposing of the classic emblem. Virgil will undoubtedly bring a youthful and innovative eye to the historic fashion house, and I look forward to seeing his first creations!


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