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I’ve never been much of a skincare junkie. I cleanse and moisture and hope for the best, but with all the free time on my hands this summer; I decided to see what all the skincare hype was all about. Spoiler alert: I have been converted. That being said– out of the countless products and brands I tried; VERSED delivered and then some. VERSED is an affordable skincare brand you can find at your local Target–Yep, you read that right. Their products are vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, paraben-free, etc. Keep reading for my favorite products!

Day Dissolve:

This product is a cleansing balm with eucalyptus+vitamin E. This combo leaves your face incredibly soft post rinse. You take a small amount of the balm into your hands and massage it into your face to remove makeup. This product melts all your makeup off including mascara and is the perfect alternative to harsh and drying makeup wipes.

Weekend Glow:

This product is a daily brightening solution with a four acid complex+bearberry extract. This toner brightens dull skin and helps fade acne scars. It is super gentle and non-drying. I use it at night and have noticed a significant difference in my complexion. The product definitely lives up to the name. My skin looked brighter after using it consistently for a couple of weeks.

Vacation Eyes:

This product is a brightening eye serum with vitamin C and caffeine. The combo in this product gives my eyes a serious pick me up. I usually get less sleep than what I should which means I’m perpetually destined to rock under-eye bags and circles that make me look like a zombie. There is not much I can do to reduce my dark circles except for maybe getting more sleep– but that’s a longshot. However, a quick swipe of this product and my under eyes look like they belong to a sane well-rested human. 10/10 would recommend.

Keep It Supple:

This product is a body oil with calendula extract and ylang-ylang oil. These two ingredients make this body oil super hydrating without being greasy. One of my pet peeves is greasy lotion. I hate the feeling of grease on my skin after applying a moisturizer and this product does just the opposite! After applying it, my skin has a healthy sheen to it, and I feel hydrated sans the grease.

Your self-care routine just got a whole lot easier– thank me later!


Feature image courtesy of @VERSED via Instagram


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