What Happens in Vegas…

October 2, 2019 by

Happy Wednesday, ladies of SMU! Fall break is just around the corner and for all of us seniors, that means one thing and one thing only…VEGAAASS! In preparation for a weekend of pool parties, sequin dresses and bottle service, I have been testing every hangover ‘cure’ in hopes to find the ultimate antidote to a night of champagne & vodka sodas. While I can’t promise you’ll wake up 100% refreshed and rejuvenated, these tricks will help ease the headaches and ensure you don’t miss a moment of this memorable (maybe?) weekend.

  1. A tall, sexy glass of water and a side of Excedrin. Need we say more?
  2.  Vitamin B6 – your new best friend. Proven to support cognition and energy levels – two things we all need after a long night out.
  3. We Are Wild Solid Water – keep this bad boy in the hotel mini fridge. Immediately after chugging your water and taking your vitamins, apply this probiotic toner to de-puff, rejuvenate and refresh the skin.
  4. Blowfish – The magic tablet. Drop one in a glass of water, the morning after, and I swear you will feel the difference. One tablet is packed with maximum strength aspirin to ease the pain, caffeine to boost energy levels and effervescence to rehydrate your body.
  5. Banana – You read that right. A night of drinking will suck the potassium right out of you, leading to the dreaded hangover. Replenish your body’s potassium with a fresh banana and you’ll be ready to kick off the day.
  6. The Party Patch – These water- resistant, medical grade patches are to be applied BEFORE you start drinking. Formulated with a combination of easily absorbed B Vitamins & Taurine, which help support metabolic & immune function, these bad boys prevent a hangover, naturally.
  7. Nipple Top Gatorade – preferably Glazier Freeze. Enough said.
  8. Patchology 5-Minute Eye Gels – too many vodka sodas = the under-eye circles from hell. These gel eye patches are a quick fix, making you look more rested and awake. Pop ’em on while you’re getting ready in the morning and voilaaa, you’re a whole new woman! 
  9. Complex Beauty Rose Glow Glycolic Mask – another beauty hangover essential, a brightening mask! We all know alcohol is very dehydrating, so revitalize your skin with a quick 5-minute morning mask. Didn’t get around to taking off your makeup the night before (tsk, tsk)? Then this mask, formulated with rose water to refreshen and glycolic acid to reduce dullness, is a nonnegotiable. 
  10. And if none of this does the trick, the only other option is the Hair of the Dog. Get to the pool, grab a cocktail and dance the day (and night) away.

All this being said, please drink responsibly and be safe!!!! We need everyone to get back to Texas ALIVE. I wish every senior the best weekend – celebrate big and don’t put all your money on a single number when playing roulette… I learned that the heard way. Until next time…




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