Valentine’s Day: Self-Love Edition

February 12, 2020 by

Leo Buscaglia once said: “To love others you must first love yourself.”

While commercial celebrations may say differently, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be all about romance, roses, chocolates, and hearts! Whether you’re single, taken, or it’s just complicated, I challenge you to use your positive energy to treat yourself this Valentine’s Day and put some self-love into practice. 

Rather than depending on a significant other to give us the validation that we have not been able to give ourselves, let’s use this special day to fall in love with ourselves. So, what exactly is self-love? Self-love means loving ourselves unconditionally. I know some of you may be thinking “This is silly. I don’t deserve to treat myself and pursue self-love because I got a C on my accounting exam three days ago,” but guess what? You’re wrong. Don’t focus on your weaknesses. Instead, take time to recognize your accomplishments and the growth you’ve made through the years because everyone deserves to feel love just as you are. Self-love doesn’t involve a radical change. It’s a process that will take time, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to start. 

Trust me, I know more than anyone that attaining the audacity to treat Valentine’s Day as a day of self-love will be just as challenging as the actual process of self-love. It can be extremely difficult to acknowledge that you are proud of who you are and choose to spend the day treating yourself how you deserve. Luckily, I’ve worked to make self-care a bit easier for you. Here are some ways you can practice self-love on Valentine’s Day, so you don’t have to waste time brainstorming!

1. Write Yourself a Love Letter

The cheesiness of this idea makes this painful for me to write, but I promise this will result in some major feels. As hard as it may be, take this time to write down all of the things you love about yourself while avoiding the urge to fixate on what you think to be a million flaws!

2. Channel Your Inner Yogi

Yoga is known as an opportunity to become in touch with your body and connect with your true self. Yoga can be an amazing tool on one’s journey of self-discovery. While you may think yoga isn’t for you, give it a few tries, and I guarantee it will help almost anyone develop a pure adoration for your body.

3. Pamper Yourself

Whether it’s going to get a massage, facial, mani pedi, or simply soaking in a warm bath, take time this Valentine’s Day to pamper yourself because you deserve it! However, while you’re pampering, don’t concentrate on that test from three days ago or the interview you have next week. Take this time to reflect on positive things about YOU!

4. Dance It Out

Again, cheesy, I know. But, you’re your own best dance partner, so create a playlist of your favorite songs, crank up the Lizzo music, let loose, and dance your heart out. This may sound crazy, but having a dance sesh can spark some much needed self-confidence and help dismiss yourself from the constant self-judgement.

5. Laugh with Yourself

It’s unrealistic to say thoughts that make you feel inadequate will not turn up on your day of self-love. Don’t let these thoughts ruin your day of self-love, so learn to laugh at your imperfections. Rather than feeling like a hot mess, laugh at the fact that no one really has it “all together.” No one is perfect, but it’s up to you to accept that.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day by trusting that you deserve your love just has much as anyone else because you’re worth every compliment in the world and an infinite number of boxes of chocolates!



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