Ugly is the New Fashion

October 19, 2017 by

With 2018 just around the corner, trends in fashion are going to the extreme. Looking sharp and sleek is now the new fad, and ugly shoes are the new glam. 

The fashion industry has evolved to combine ugly and beauty. What defines an ugly shoe versus a pretty one, you ask? At this point – nothing. Designers have found a way to make beautiful fashion ugly, and ugly fashion beautiful.

The idea behind pretty ugly shoes is that they’re different, wild, funky and bulky.

Let’s start with the Balenciaga croc we saw strut the runway during NYFW.  Bulky, check. Wild, check. We all were obsessed with adding charms to our crocs back in the day but that trend died quickly and long ago.

Next, the Loewe forest green sneaker with a curved toe. I have to be honest here and say Christmas is a little too far away from now to rock this shoe. The decorations and house lights don’t go up until November, and so should these shoes.

Next, these Givenchy Rain Boots. I can’t imagine how these would be worn; maybe with a simple dress and leather jacket? Either way, these shoes are going to have to be a no for me and Simon Cowell. Although on the second thought, maybe scrunch the sock down or omit the shoe to begin with?

Zara never fails to amaze. Fur on sandals never clicked with me.. keep your feet warm while your toes freeze. Either way the green and jewels stands out and are guaranteed to catch a few stares.

As we creep into 2018, get your hands on some ‘pretty ugly’ shoes. The options are endless and it’s up to you to decide what the verdict is. I myself could probably dish out a few pairs in my closet…

Be original, xoxo


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