Tips for Rush Week at SMU

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Rush week…one of the most exhausting, interesting, and unexpected weeks you’ll ever experience.

Whether the week ends with you getting a bid from the house you’ve wanted for so long or deciding that sorority life isn’t for you, everyone could use some advice in this hectic and nerve-racking week. Having gone through rush week myself I have some helpful tips for you PNMs that don’t know what to expect!

Tip #1: Be yourself. 

There’s nothing worse than talking to someone who seems like they’re putting on a front, just as there’s also nothing worse than forcing yourself to act how you think you should be around people. When interacting with sorority girls, it is so important to be yourself and let your personality shine through no matter how nervous you are. Sorority girls want to get to know you for who you really are. Don’t force your conversations, just be yourself and get to know the girl you’re talking to in a natural way. First impressions are everything!

Tip #2: Wear your warmest and brightest coat. 

January in Dallas is extremely cold, especially when you’re only allowed to wear a short sleeve shirt while standing outside all of the houses for the majority of the day. Before the doors of the houses open, your Rho Gammas will take your coats and pile them in a bin. After you’re done at the house, everyone will frantically run and grab their jacket so they aren’t late to their next house. I would try to avoid black coats and super expensive coats as well. Reality is your coat will end up on the floor/lawns of the houses, people will probably be stepping on them, and wearing a really bright or colorful coat will allow you to easily spot it and grab it in between houses.

Tip #3: After the day is done, take it easy. 

Everyday of rush is different. The amount of houses and the time you’re at those houses will vary everyday. One thing that everyday of rush week has in common is that you’re on your feet talking all day. Since there are so many conversations going on in the houses at the same time, the houses get super loud inside, which means you have to talk very loudly and it might it even feel like you’re yelling at times. This can easily take a toll on your voice, and the many repetitive conversations you’re having will make you more tired than you think. My advice is to take it easy when you get back to your dorm room or hotel room. Don’t plan too many fancy dinners or outings because I guarantee you’re going to want to lay in bed, eat a burger, and sleep in preparation for the next early morning of conversations.

Tip #4: Try not to take being dropped by houses too personally. 

When you open your schedule every morning, there will be less houses on it as the days go on. When a house you really like drops you, obviously, it’s super easy to get upset and ask yourself “what did I do wrong? Why didn’t they like me?”. However, try not to take it too personally and don’t be hard on yourself. Think about it like this: everyone gets dropped from at least seven houses eventually, and every single girl gets dropped by houses everyday whether it’s ones they liked or disliked.

Tip #5: Call your parents. 

I know a lot of SMU parents fly out with their daughters for rush week as the week can be very emotionally exhausting. However, if your parents aren’t physically with you during the week, call them. Parents can offer a great deal of insight and comfort. After days and days of long conversations with so many different sorority girls, it’s comforting to talk to your mom or dad whether it be about rush week or anything. I remember coming back everyday and hanging out with my mom had never been more comforting.

Tip #6: Keep an open mind

I know everyone says to “keep an open mind,” and yes, it is hard for some girls. It was hard for me, but I tried to keep as open of a mind as possible. Of course I had houses that I really liked before going into rush week, but I made the same amount of effort with the older girls in every house, not just the few that I liked beforehand. It is so important to be nice to everyone in every house. I cannot stress this enough! Even if you’re at a house you don’t see yourself in or you weren’t originally interested in, listen to what their sorority has to offer and be kind and yourself to every girl you’re talking to. Your opinion about a house can change in an instant once you talk to a current member so try as hard as you can to keep an open mind!

Good luck to everyone!

xoxo, Valentina

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