Thoughts: “Lemonade” Edition

April 29, 2016 by


This needs no introduction. I can honestly say that each one of these thoughts actually came from my brain as I watched “Lemonade” at 1am this week. I took notes, and here they are.

1. Hmmm this has hints of American Horror Story: Coven to it- but then you remember its just Beyoncé (I found that I had to remind myself this multiple times throughout the movie).

2. Wow, I wish it was acceptable (and legal) for me to go swinging a bat at cars whenever I’m upset too.


2a. ps where can I get that yellow dress??

2b. never mind, I would never rock it like the Queen does.

3. Actually wait, I really want that fur coat that doesn’t have shoulders.

4. Wait, THATS Serena Williams????? The tennis champ twerking (might I say it was a mere attempt) in a Beyoncé movie???


5. I can’t wait for one of my friends to get in a fight with their boyfriend so we can have a girls night and live by the words of “Sorry.”

6. Op, theres where the famous “Becky with the good hair” comes in. Poor Rachael Ray.

7. Okay, but actually who’s writing all the background messages?? It’s a little too dark…

8. Tbt to “Crazy In Love” amirite?


9. Nice touch Bey, adding the father aspect. Real touching.

10. If someone could give me a list of all the symbols in this movie that would be wonderful. Aka the women in white dancing in a circle, the swinging red light thing, and the football stadium.

11. Oh wait there’s the cheater himself. Do you think he knows this whole thing is about him? Legit this whole production revolves around his mistake.


12. How old do you think that little girl from Beasts of the Southern Wild is now? I mean, she’s so cool; she almost won an Oscar.

13. I wonder how long it took them to film all of this. Honestly though when did she start this project?

14. Finally there’s Zendaya- I feel bad for Bella Thorne because I mean you don’t see her in a Beyoncé music video movie.

15. Ok these home videos are just real tear jerkers (I didn’t actually cry, but I totally could’ve).


If you haven’t seen this visual album yet, I suggest you drop everything and do so. You won’t regret it, scouts honor!!



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