This Week at MARKET: Nicky Hilton & Brett Heyman

April 26, 2018 by

Well, I faced my fear of rain yesterday which I don’t do very often, but I knew I couldn’t pass up the special Nicky Hilton x Tolani & Brett Heyman pop-up at MARKET. And let me tell you, conquering the rain was TOTALLY worth it because the pop-up was UNREAL!!!

We all know MARKET can’t get much better, but last night it was seriously like heaven on earth. Clothes and handbags lingered in the boutique like little angels patiently waiting to brighten your day, and they did just that. The bright colors and fun designs made the cloudy, gloomy day a radiant, happy one. I was also blessed with the opportunity to chat with Brett Heyman and Nicky Hilton who are SO kind and basically superhuman.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Brett Heyman, you need to read closely. She is the founder of Edie Parker…which is where each and every one of you will be making your next handbag investment! Her bags are like no other. They’re way more exciting than your typical black, leather clutch. Her clutches add a little spice to the evening bag genre with fun materials and lively colors.

Jean Lemons Clutch

Wolf Acrylic Clutch

And, guess what??? YOU can personalize a clutch and make it your very own!! It’s your turn to be the designer, so go choose a shape, color, font, and word that creates the absolute best purse for you! I played around and made an smustyle clutch, so who knows, maybe one day you’ll see me repping smustyle at a black tie event!

A purse obviously needs a brand new outfit to go with it, so go check out Nicky Hilton’s Tolani collection! She has been designing since she was 17 and has designed everything from purses, to jewelry, and to clothing, so believe me when I say her collection is absolutely stunning. It has a very boho-chic style which I LOVE. Not only are the clothes gorgeous, but the colorful prints and light fabrics are excellent for the spring and summer heat. The pieces can easily be dressed up or dressed down, so no matter the occasion, there is an outfit perfect for you! And last but definitely not least, the clothes are VERY comfortable, so no one has any acceptable excuses to refrain from these pieces!

Elizabeth Bermuda Dress

A big shoutout to Elisa Summers, Tina Craig, Jamie O’Banion and MARKET for hosting this fabulous event! I’m so sorry if the rain trapped you in your dorm or you couldn’t escape studying because shopping and meeting Brett Heyman and Nicky Hilton was so amazing! But, I have some good news for you. There’s no need to stress  if you missed the pop-up last night because you can buy any of it with one click of a button! Go explore Edie Parker and Nicky Hilton X Tolani and put a little dent in your bank account!



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