The Year of Purpose

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Etsy recently released their trend predictions for 2020 and have named the turn of the new decade, “The Year of Purpose”. 

Just as we close the door on the decade of millennial pink, eclectic decor, and perfectly placed foliage; we enter a new phase of purposeful consumerism. Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s resident trend expert, has outlined that 2020 will mark the year where consumers are using their, “environmental and social awareness”, when making a purchase more than ever before. Rather than buying to fulfill our immediate needs, many of us are motivated by what world’s needs are as well. Here enters “The Year of Purpose”– Johnson’s proclaimed title for the year of individual, consumer, and global awareness.

Color of the Year: Chartreuse

Johnson’s color of the year prediction embodies more than just a statement piece for any room or wardrobe. Keeping in line with the theme of the year, chartreuse is, “known for increasing energy, encouraging unconventional thinking, and evoking feelings of growth and harmony”, making it the perfect mascot for 2020. Johnson has seen a 12 percent  increase in “green” product searches, as well as a 55 percent increase in “neon green” product searches. These reports suggest that this color trend is here to stay this year.

Bedding Set











Home Decor: Color Blocking

As for home decor, Etsy has seen 7 percent increase in color block searches recently, assuring the contrasting style can be used for more than just clothing. The bold trend can be seen in anything from framed prints to throw pillows, instantly adding a bright pop of personality to any space.

Color Block Print

Throw Pillow










Clothing: 80’s Inspired 

We all know what goes around comes around, and 80s inspired clothing is no exception. Forty years later we can see 80s style staples trending at rapid rate. With puff sleeve searches up 39 percent and chain belt searched up 32 percent, 2020 will bring a resurgence of your mom’s favorite looks.

Puff Sleeve Top

Chain Belt









Pet Pampering

As if you thought your pet couldn’t get any more spoiled… This year we are making more conscious consumer choices, which includes what we are feeding, bathing, and spoiling our pets with. Etsy has seen a 11 percent increase in customized dog treats and 16 percent in dog shampoo assured to treat your pup to a day at the spa.

Dog Shampoo

Customized Treats










Bespoke Beauty 

In line with our Clean Freak: Beauty Edition, Etsy predicts a custom and natural beauty take over in 2020.  With a 13 percent increase in custom beauty, it’s no secret shoppers are trending towards products that are not only good for their bodies, but also good for the environment.

Zero Waste Makeup Palette

Custom Body Soap










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