The Return of Film Cameras

February 21, 2020 by

I’m sure everyone’s Instagram has been covered in film pictures lately. Even celebrities, like Gigi Hadid, have created separate accounts for their moments captured on film (@gisposable). Many of us are jumping on this bandwagon without knowing a thing about photography. What sparked this come-back for film, what makes film different from digital, and what camera do I need to buy to hop on this trend? 

taken on a film camera

Film photography, also known as analog photography, has been around for a long time. In fact, this so-called “trend” to take analog photographs is not disappearing anytime soon. Film cameras have been in use ever since they were created in 1885. Our generation that has grown up with digital cameras, iPhones, and the easiest technology, is experiencing analog photography for the first time. Photographers use film frequently depending upon what “look” they want their photograph to have. Film images have a warm, gritty, aged, and faded look to them. Yes, they make filters for that, but it is not as authentic as a real film photograph.

Film cameras also produce exquisitely clear photographs. You don’t have to worry about the pixels and resolutions while taking the photo, it is strictly the pure moment captured on film. However, the film itself has pixels, but more pixels than most digital cameras in the market today. 

taken with the Fujifilm Digital camera

The disadvantage of a film camera is that you have a limited number of photographs. AND you have to take it to a store to get the images developed. Although film photography is a fun way to feel vintage and trendy, it can get pricey and annoying. I recommend using an old digital camera that has the same look as the film. It is fun to whip out a physical camera instead of your iPhone every once in a while. The Fujifilm FinePix Z37 10MP PolkaDot Digital Camera is my personal favorite. The camera itself is cute, and your pictures look right on-trend. 

taken with the David’s Disposable app



Another easy solution is the David’s Disposable app. All you have to do is take the picture and wait until the morning for it to develop on the app.




Happy picture taking!



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