The Reign of Slimane

April 4, 2016 by

Friday morning the rumor was confirmed. The Kering Group announced that Hedi Slimane, the creative director of Saint Laurent, had officially left the legendary house. I wept.

At first I was confident it was simply an April Fool’s joke. Sure there was speculation, but I refused to imagine the day when the house would be turned over into another’s hands. Hedi defined what “cool” was. He challenged assumptions and pushed boundaries. He reinvented and refreshed both the fashion world and the acclaimed house of Yves Saint Laurent in a way that no other really had.

Hedi Slimane first drew attention to himself in the 2000’s, debuting the men’s skinny suit silhouette for Dior. It was the first time a skinny guy had been capitalized upon in fashion. After having previously worked for YSL (and getting kicked out), it was announced in 2012 that he would return as creative director of the house. Slimane dropped the “Yves”, moved headquarters to L.A., and showed the Saint Laurent Rive Gauche collection–jaws dropped. It was edgy and innovative, eye catching and dangerous.

He drew inspiration from rock and roll culture, the grunge lifestyle, the aesthetic of the rebels. His collections enunciated the what it meant to be cool. He challenged the constructs of luxury, bringing an unforgivable reality to the runway and transforming the brand into an unmistakable status symbol. He invited you into a realm of glamour and secrecy; somewhere you were dying to go but were never allowed to. Only the chichest celebrities were seen in his clothing, and even Kanye was refused entry to his fashion show.

I’ve always admired Yves Saint Laurent and his legacy, but I fell in love with Hedi’s variation of it. I’m not sure who could ever fill shoes this big, but I pray that a miracle will come. Check out some of my favorite of Hedi’s moments below. [P.C.]

Forever mourning the end of Slimane’s Reign.



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