The Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween [The Male]

October 29, 2015 by

Finally, a post for the boys, and with just enough time left to save your chops. If you’re anything like me, you’ve known Halloween was coming up and that you probably should’ve planned ahead but as these things go, you haven’t and oh wait…the festivities start tonight. For us, throwing on a tight get up and some cat ears just won’t cut it for the costume parties, so here a few options that are just as easy, but slightly more fitting.


Christian Bale in American Psycho:

Clear poncho or rain coat, blue button up, tie, axe, (fake blood if you’re a ‘killa’).



Key is the hair; if you do the hair right, you can get a away with a printed headband (like zebra) and a solid dark colored turtleneck.


Walter White from Breaking Bad

Light green button up, some dress socks, chukka boots (but you could get away with some substitutes), white underwear, cheapo aviator glasses, and top it off with a mustache.


Shia LaBeouf in Shia LaBeouf Being Weird and Awkward

Black suit, and a paper bag that has “I’M NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE”  written in permanent marker with two eyeholes cut out, easy enough.



White Tee with red flannel on top (roll up the sleeves if you do long sleeves), and jeans. Go buy a roll of Brawny so people get it right away.


The Kid from ET

Red Jacket; Blue Jeans; White tee; plastic crate; go buy a fake ET or alien looking baby, wrap it up in a blanket, and put it in the crate.

Hopefully this of some help and you all have a safe but epic Halloweekend.



P.S. Just prepare yourself for the Sunday recovery.

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