The Never-Ending, MOST Dramatic Finale Yet

March 7, 2018 by

And the Most Hated Bachelor Award goes to…..


Doesn’t he look so innocent and charming??? Well after the finale, my opinion of him took a turn for the worse. While we were all annoyed with the one and only Krystal for questioning Arie’s character, she may have been on to something.

It’s a well-known fact that there is a major no-no every Bachelor (and obviously anyone in a relationship) must follow…DO NOT SAY “I LOVE YOU” TO TWO GIRLS!! I promise you’ll just end up in a sticky situation. Well, Arie did just this. He told Becca AND Lauren he loved them, and that was just the beginning of a not so happily ever after.

After the last two dates in Peru and Arie picking out a 3-carat oval diamond sparkler with a little help from Neil Lane, we all thought a fairytale proposal was in store and were ready to start making bets regarding how long the relationship would actually last. We all guessed who we expected to win, and we did get to watch Arie’s romantic proposal to Becca…


BUT, we didn’t get to gamble on how long Arie and Becca would truly last as a couple because *drumrooollll* it was over before it really started. He ended it with Becca, ON TV, to be with Lauren!!! Absolutely jaw-dropping! I think we can all agree that this sets the record for the most selfish and insulting move to ever exist in Bachelor history.

I am 100% #TeamBecca. It’s already unacceptable to break up with your fiancée for someone else but doing it on national TV takes it to a completely different level. Arie, please explain your thought process behind this because no one in the world, especially sweet Becca, deserves anything like this. Well luckily for her, she dodged a bullet. TBH, Arie did Becca a huge favor by showing her how emotionally unstable he is. He was always concerned about Bekah M’s level of maturity, but maybe he’s the one that needs to take some alone time to figure out who he truly is and what he really wants.

Unfortunately, Arie didn’t get my memo. He chased down Lauren and professed his love to her. I’m not sure if this makes me an awful person, but I secretly wanted her to give him a little sassy wave goodbye. Much to my dismay, Arie showed up to “After the Final Rose” with Lauren AND got down on one knee to pop the big question. BOLD is the only thing I have to say about that.

I can’t imagine being in Becca’s shoes in this situation. Sitting there watching your ex-fiancé propose to another girl would be so terrible, but Becca seriously could not have handled it better. She had a very civilized conversation with Arie and graciously forgave him. She is the definition of classy, strong, confident, and soooo amazing! A lot of girls (including some fans) would rip him to shreds, so I’m not sure how she stayed so calm, cool, and collected. Becca, you go girl!! I would say this mess worked out in her favor though because she avoided a lousy relationship and is going to meet 30 much better guys because she’s the next BACHELORETTE. I hope she finds her soulmate because she deserves the world!!!

Props to all of you for surviving the dramatic two day, five hour emotional roller coaster ride! And, prepare to follow Becca’s (hopefully, not so insane) search for love!



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