The Halfway Break

October 11, 2017 by

Ah, back to the grind today. We’ve officially passed the halfway mark of the semester, Fall Break, and of course, we had all had our own ways to give ourselves a pat on the back. 

Elaina Murphy

“I went to Vegas and I’d rather not talk about it.”

Chase Piper

“I spent it at home with my family and my dog (I’m obsessed with him) and it snowed and we lost power for a whole day so just was lazy.”

Sarah Smith

“I had a relaxing weekend in Aspen shopping, eating and enjoying the weather with my mom and little brother.”

Clare Grady

“I spent time in Boston visiting friends at Tufts and saw my family.”

Caroline Hogan

“I was a couch potato all weekend! No joke I didn’t do ANYTHING of importance. I hung with the fam, cheered for my little brother at his football game and chilled with my puppers, Sunny (golden retriever) and Thatcher (corgi)!”

Alegra Volpe

“This fall break I flew to Newport Beach and visited my best friends in LA for amazing food, shopping, and weather. Safe to say I’m a few pounds heavier and my wallet is a lot lighter.”

Gianna Sciortino

“I was a beach bum for the weekend all around Southern California with some good friends enjoying the perfect weather and waves.”


Hope you all had a great fall break!


hugs & kisses,



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