The Grilled Cheese Gods Have Answered…..

April 27, 2015 by



Everyone who knows me, knows that my #1 favorite food is grilled cheese. Being the self-proclaimed Grilled Cheese Queen, you could only imagine how stoked I was to hear that Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. (aka grilled cheese heaven where all your grilled cheese dreams will come true) was opening. Located in Bishop Arts, this awesome restaurant serves up a menu packed with many grilled cheese options (duh), grilled cheese inspired starters, and some great cocktail and beer options, like an alcoholic root beer float……. YUM.

Whether you are in the mood for a taste of childhood, or you’re like me and think a grilled cheese reigns supreme to any meal, head over to Dallas Grilled Cheese Co. and bring all your cheesey dreams to life. Trust me, you won’t regret it.






The Caprese: grilled sourdough with pesto, mozzarella, basil, and tomato aka a little taste of Italy




Grilled PB & J: your ultimate childhood throwback






The Buffalo Chicken: grilled sourdough, marinated chicken breast, Swiss cheese, and DGC wing sauce




The Via Augusta: grilled rustic bread, dry-cured chorizo, fig jam, and Manchego



Happy Monday!


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