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CBD Oil – nature’s magic potion? Read more to find out what this CBD oil trend is all about!

We all know the controversy behind the legalization of marijuana in the US. It’s indisputable that cannabis products can have many benefits on your health, as it is often used in the medical field. Although it offers a variety of mental and physical health benefits, many people are still opposed to the chemical and psychoactive effects smoking weed has on the brain. However, due to the new CBD oil craze, there might now be a way to reap some of the benefits of the cannabis plant without getting the high. We are pleased to introduce Shop Dazey CBD Oil. We have partnered with Shop Dazey, a Seattle based natural CBD company, to learn more about what CBD oil actually is and why so many people are considering it nature’s magic potion.

So, what is CBD oil? CBD, the second most prevalent compound in cannabis, stands for cannabidiol. Although there is evidence that CBD can be used for health benefits, it alone cannot get you high. CBD is legal in the US, as it doesn’t impair judgement or motor skills and there are no psychoactive effects. THC, the component in marijuana that makes you ‘high’ differs from CBD in that it targets your brain, whereas CBD targets receptors throughout the body. You can read more on the specifics on Moral of the story is it’s legal, safe, and won’t get you high.

The benefits and uses for CBD oil are numerous. One of the most common usages of CBD oil is for treating anxiety and stress. Senior, Corina Gonzalez Molina told SMUStyle that she uses “CBD oil/capsules as a natural solution to reduce anxiety and stress. CBD has a lot of benefits besides mental relief such as anti-inflammatory properties and pain relief. It is seriously a life saver for me.” Essentially, CBD oil mellows out the nervous system and calms your mind. Oftentimes, if I have had a super hectic day or am anxious about an upcoming test, I put a few drops of Dazey CBD oil under my tongue to help me feel more at ease and ensure that I sleep soundly. You can also add the drops in food or water for a more diluted taste.

It can also be applied to your skin to relieve joint pain. Senior Ashley O’Mara says that after years of intensive ballet, she suffers from joint pains in her ankles. “I began using CBD oil about a year ago because typical Ibuprofen just wasn’t cutting it anymore. I immediately felt a difference. It’s seriously like magic. I am not personally very familiar with the science behind it, but all I can say is it works,” O’Mara stated.

There are numerous other benefits including easing arthritis pain, insomnia, and some studies even show it can help people who quit smoking. It has also been used as an epilepsy treatment, as well as a schizophrenia treatment.

Dazey’s CBD Oil is organically grown with no additives. It comes in three potencies, 350, 750, and 1000mg. Dazey believes that CBD is a way to achieve balance and improve overall well-being in your life. Dazey hopes to eliminate the stigma behind CBD oil and believes it will integrate itself into the workplace and everyday life.

While I don’t personally suffer from anxiety or joint pain, I still have found CBD oil to be very beneficial in my life. We live in a world where we often forget to take a step back and breathe. We all have busy class schedules, stress about exams and struggle to balance the many facets of life. CBD oil has allowed me to calm my mind when things are hectic and provide a sense of peace when I feel my life is out of my control. Whether you need a little help getting to sleep at night or could use something to take joint ache away, CBD oil will become a lifesaver for you. Check out to find out more information and to shop the product for yourself!

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