The 411 on NYFW Spring 2017

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New York Fashion Week 2016 is officially HEERRREEE!!! And we, over at SMUStyle, could not be more excited (can you tell by my excellent use of exclamation points?!?!?!!!??)!!!

Celebs, designers and models never cease to amaze me with their ever-blossoming creativity (tbt to Hansel and Eric Zoolander who made an appearance in Paris during the Valentino catwalk).

This year is no exception! Who knows what we’ll see on Gigi Hadid or what the blogsters will wear on the streets. If I had to guess, I would say be prepared for some head-turning, edgy af shiz.

FullSizeRender copy

For those of you who love fashion, but have no idea where to begin when it comes to this cray cray week (trust me, I feel the same way), read up, folks!

1. The 7 days of artistry began last night, and who better to kick it off than BadGalRiRi? The Vanguard Award Winner hosted a pop-up for her Fenty x Puma collection at Bergdorf Goodman. The edgy athleisure line has everything from lace-up croptops and flare track pants. Oh, and everything’s in black and white. #nocolor #noproblem


[live photo from the event last night]

2. As of late last night, Kanye West finally released some ~minuscule~ details about his Yeezy Season 4 show. And when I say minuscule, I mean literally, no information: all we have is the date (Wednesday, the 3rd ie TODAY), time (3pm), and that it’s in New York City. Lol thanks, ‘Ye. People are expecting MAJOR gear thanks to a huge budget increase from Adidas. Of course, there is also no doubt that Kim and North will be front row- unless their chillaxing in their ultra-modern Airbnb hookup.


[let’s take a sec to remember the spectacle that was Yeezy Season 3, how can he possibly top that?!]

3. Politics, politics, politics; it’s all anyone talks about anymore. Being the outspoken people that they are, designers will be the first to express their POV. Specifically, their support of Hillary. DVF, TBurch and MJ have all created their own form of campaign shirts for the pantsuit lover. Catch these designers and more at the NYFW fundraising event hosted by Hillz daughter, Chelsea.


[Marc Jacobs sporting his tee, glitter and all]

4. Cue Jaden Smith. The Louis Vuitton model is notorious for his famous ad of him wearing dresses and not giving a rat’s hat. Gender norms are slowing blurring within the fashion industry, as we see more women rocking boxier shapes and blazers and men sporting skirts and even some high heels (now do you feel our pain, boys??). Tom Ford and Rag & Bone have announced that their men and women’s collections will take place at the same show, while others, such as Telfar, are creating outfits that “eschew gender altogether.”


[the famous LV ad]


[Hood by Air, Fall 2016]

5. Drum roll pleaseeeeeee! Let’s be real, the style we wanna see is the style of the new iPhone 7, duh. It’s been rumored that Apple will make it’s big reveal early in the week (we heard today, 10am). While the new device sin headphone jack is really enticing, I’m mainly excited for the emoji/gif stickers! iOS 10 has some cool tricks up it’s sleeve, making texting more personal and gradually gearing up Siri to be more and more life-like (frightening). Also, NEW COLORS- seriously though, can I get one to match my nails?


[Apple CEO Tim Cook, photographed by Mario Testino]

6. Bring on Maria. Dior’s first female courtier, Maria Grazia Chiuri, is set to show of her new designs for this Spring 2017 season. She recently departed from Valentino, so I’ll be interested to see how the iconic edginess of the Rock Studs mix with the parisian atelier that is Dior. Maybe some girliness mixed with chic? It will for sure be a little something out of Dior we’ve never seen before. One can only dream.


[“How do you find a word that means Mariaaaaaa?”]

7. You know the New York streets will be filled with bomb[er] looks. The 90s are 115% officially back and that means that band tees, ripped jeans, studs and grunge will be prominent. More of laid back, baggy style, instead of the usual fitted and proper looks we tend to see. Oh, and lots of dark colors, no more pastels lol. See here what a few Vogue Editors will be wearing for this festive week.


[things are looking up to be posh-itively edgy]

8. See it, like it, buy it. The motto that Tommy Hilfiger, Tom Ford and Thakoon are all living by. These brands and others have decided to present their clothing in their venues FOR SALE. So those that new cable-knit Tommy sweater you can’t live without will be available to you straight from the runway. Less waiting, more NOW! (I mean who can blame us? Technology has created an impatient breed of humans).


[Zendaya at CFDA’s wearing Thakoon]

9. Gigi Hadid has one more thing to officially add to her resumé. The model has teamed up with Tommy Hilfiger to create her own Tommy x Gigi attire that will most likely air this week. A little bit of red, white and blue, a little bit of preppy, and a whole lotta Gigi. The collection has EVERYTHING: from the olive bomber jacket to a signature “g” leotard. I have a feeling these will sell QUICK!

top FW16-GiGi-Look-14 top-1

10. Finally, keep an eye out for fashion’s favorite families (I dare you to say that 10x fast). Word is, Cindy Crawford and Randy Gerber will be attending shows with children Presley and Kaia. Of course, the Beckham’s will most likely grace America with their presence once more. Additionally, Lily-Rose Depp, Bella Hadid, the Smith siblings and Zendaya will all probably be at the major events. I mean, if these kids can attend the Met Ball, you bet your bottom dollar they’ll be in the front row.


[THE most photogenic fam of all time]

Tune in all week to hear about the shocking time that is NYFW. Hold onto your Prada bags and Hermes scarves, this ship’s about to get rOckY.



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