Sweet Tooth Hotel is Back

September 10, 2020 by

Operating under Cover-19 Safety Guidelines, the Intangible Fiber Fairytale is back and more colorful than ever!


Ever since Sweet Tooth Hotel announced its 2020 collaboration with the Craft Yarn Council, I knew I wanted to visit the intangible art installation myself. Created by Jencey and Cole Keeton, Sweet Tooth Hotel is a 5,000 square foot adventure with unique forms of art installations varying from large-scale media productions to retro-futurism art, to installations made from fiber and textiles. Every room is uniquely curated with a beautiful aesthetic that perfectly encompasses the style of each artist.


From the Enchanted Passage to the Forest Fibers to the Temporal Jungle, each installation is filled to the brim with color, texture, and did I mention yarn?! If you have any free time, I undoubtedly recommend checking out Sweet Tooth Hotel soon. I promise you’ll be pleasantly surprised and impressed by the style of art and the imaginative experience you’ll find. Not to mention, with every ticket purchase, you are helping to pay the artists and donating to Warm Up America, a charity providing more warm items to people in need. Prior to your visit, make sure to purchase your ticket online and review their Covid-19 guidelines.

I hope you enjoy your stay!

xx, Sofia

Tickets for Intangible in Dallas 

Artwork by: Niki Dionne, Twinkie Chan, Alli K, Sally Ackerman, London Kaye, Jackie Lawrence, Hannah Busekrus, Molly Sydnor, and Joanna Lin.

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