Sweet Daze: Where Trendy Meets Dessert

September 8, 2017 by

Soooo I drove 30 minutes out of Dallas into Richardson, Texas on Wednesday to get donuts and froyo… don’t judge me, haters.

You’d do it too if you saw what I was on a mission for. They weren’t just ANY donuts and froyo, they were from Sweet Daze, an out-of-the-ordinary dessert place that everyone needs to take an hour out of their day to see. Their Instagram is what motivated me to go in and neither I nor my friends Bianca and Noelle (who so graciously agreed to join me) were disappointed.

if you’re not stealing this to be your new background who even r u

This dessert bar is nestled right next to a quaint coffee shop, in the same strip as a Texaco and a taco shop. They’re open seven days a week from 12pm – 12am!!!! I’ve never heard of a froyo shop staying open that late. ATTENTION COLLEGE STUDENTS IN RICHARDSON: I’ve found your new late night foodie.

The menu is quite simple. They offer four types of froyo: Dole Whip (for all my gluten free ppl out there!), BLACK Velvet (a twist on the classic red velvet), Fruity Pebbles and Ube (something I still don’t fully understand, but Google defines it as “Philippine dessert made from boiled and mashed purple yam…Ube halaya is also used in pastries and other desserts such as halo-halo and ice cream.”

You can get your froyo in a cone or be adventurous and add a DONUT!!!

peep “Donut Kill My Vibe” lol details

Their donut selection changes regularly, but when we went, they had everything from a unicorn one to one featuring a mermaid tail. One donut was designed after the black hole in the galaxy and one had the Texas flag (all the proceeds from this one are donated to Hurricane Harvey relief <3 ).

Noelle opted for Black Velvet in a waffle cone with black sprinkles

TELL ME these aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing pictures you’ve ever seen…

Bianca decided to be different and get Fruity Pebbles froyo on top of a plain donut topped with Lucky Charms

In my book, this is definitely a go-to place if you want awesome atmosphere, vibes and donuts. The downside, it’s a 30-minute drive, but hey why not get the chance to explore Texas while you can? And this dessert is the PERFECT incentive.

*Shoutout to a) Noelle Kendall for discovering this Narnia of an ice cream store, b) portrait mode for making these photos look like I actually took them on a real camera, and c) of course, Bianca’s hand modeling.




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