Sunscreen For Any (And Every) Occasion

September 10, 2018 by

Just some friendly advice from your favorite red-head 🙂

Since pretty much forever my aunt (also red-head) has reminded me of the importance of sun protection for us fair-skinned gals. Growing up I always despised using it and was always envious of my fellow fourth-grade friends that could frolic about the beach without the characteristic white streaks on their face and body. Although, now my 20-year-old self (yikes why does that sound so old) thanks to my younger version for reluctantly keeping up with my aunt’s advice. Especially since I spent most of my time outdoors, it’s safe to say I know a thing or two about which sunscreens work and which just won’t cut it. So here’s the best of the best for every occasion regardless of your skin tone.

  1. Waterproof: If you want a sunscreen that’s actually going to last this stuff is no joke. It got me through countless hours of practice in the pool and never failed!
  2. Everyday: EltaMD is my ultimate go-to for every day going to class or running errands around town! It comes in tinted and clear versions although I stick with the tinted to give myself a slight blurring effect.
  3. Under Make-Up: This is amazing to use under make-up because it doubles as a primer!
  4. Over Make-Up: This beauty staple is a game-changer! A translucent setting powder with SPF what more could you want?? Especially perfect to keep in your purse until Dallas cools off.
  5. Sensitive Skin: If your skin is just really picky well here ya go!
  6. Outdoor Excercise: If you’re one that can handle a workout outside in the heat this time of year… God bless you. But seriously you’ll need this heavy duty stick to stay sunburn free while on the Katy Trail.Give these a try, you’re 30-year-old self will thank you.Best,
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