Sunday’s Best: What We Wore

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Another Sunday, another SMUstyle get-together featuring fabulous Toko V sushi and cocktails…. rough life right? Since we’ve held a meeting at this Highland Park Village joint, I decided to feature our fashionable staff instead. With that said, we have an important announcement! This Valentine’s Day, you could win a free four-course wine-paired food tasting at Toko V with just one thing— your (and your boyfriend’s) beautiful face! Post an Instagram of you and your beau (single girls— don’t fret: snap a pic with your bestie and do the same!) and hashtag the caption #SMUstyleTokoVDay to get put into the running! The lucky couple will be announced later this week.

Now, back to the fashion. What do you consider Sunday’s Best?

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Photos by Shelly Knutson

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  1. Anita
    6:42 pm on February 12th, 2014 |

    Love the necklace with your initials! :)

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