Study Spaces for When You Need a Break from Fondren

November 30, 2017 by

Well here we are, roughly two weeks left in the semester, aka the time when reality begins to set in, and an overwhelming panic about finals takes over. Whether you’re the type of student who has kept up on all the assignments throughout the semester or you’re the queen of procrastination, everyone needs a quiet place to focus. Before you mentally prepare yourself to live the remainder of the semester in Fondy, I am here to offer you some alternative study spaces around Dallas for a much needed change of scenery.

Royal Blue

As many of you already know, Royal Blue is the go-to off-campus study hangout for many reasons. First, it’s a quick drive down Mockingbird from campus making it easily accessible. Second, since its technically a grocery store it’s stocked with just about any snack necessary to get you by, not to mention all the yummy pastries to compliment your coffee drink of choice. Last (but definitely not least), Royal Blue is surrounded by the best shopping in Dallas, which is a perfect activity for a well-deserved study break.


If you’re like me, I need my environment to inspire my studies to keep me motivated; this is where the stale rooms in Fondy often don’t cut it. Weekend is nestled inside the Joule Hotel right in the heart of downtown Dallas. For those of you who have never been to the Joule, I highly recommend checking out the beautiful décor inside ASAP! From any angle this sleek space is filled with ample amounts of eclectic pieces, making it the perfect mini art display to admire while you take a quick minute to stretch.


Brewed and Pressed

Vegans! Welcome to your new favorite coffee shop in West Village. Brewed & Pressed offers all your classic favorites but with the choice of almond milk along with a full vegan menu that will satisfy any cravings. The industrial décor in tandem with luscious greenery provides an environment that promotes concentration for your end of the semester final study marathon.



For those who like a taste of fresh air while hitting the books, Savor in Clyde Warren Park serves as the perfect backdrop to catch up on some overdue reading. Savor has the perfect mixture of luxe white couches and glass fireplaces, for a cozy feel while you sit amongst the outdoor scenery. I mean come on- this atmosphere beats the bleak walls of Fondren any day. While Savor has a more typical restaurant vibe than the others, it’s open patio and perfectly crafted cappuccinos earn it a spot on my list.


Good luck and happy studying!!

XO, Arden

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