Stay Preppy, Pony Boy

September 23, 2015 by

I mean, we are in the south, right?

Even though I know all boys mainly wear mostly the same thing, it’s time to bring some options to your game-day attire! At SMU we can’t necessary get away with just those SMU tees you can buy at the bookstore or frat tanks we all love so much. If the girls are getting dressed up – you gotta put yourself together too, boys! With the homecoming boulevard coming up this Saturday, bring out the cowboy boots and let’s look into some alternative stylish yet spirited choices.


Mix up your red, whites, and blues with fun ties or bow ties! These fun beer pong bow ties will instantly boost your beer pong playing abilities, I swear. And if you actually make it to the game, opt for the football players version! Maybe not necessarily paired with polos, but extra points for the home team if your polo is SMU sanctioned liked the ones above! If you’re a button down kind of guy, the J. Crew almost-chambray-but-its-not look that is still quite stylish.

And don’t forget – stay preppy, pony boys and happy boulevarding!

xx D

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