Spring Break Soundtracks

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Spring Break isn’t far off girls! For those of you headed somewhere warm – I know you’re busy shopping for suits and sunnies, so I thought I’d help you take care of a very important item on your agenda: playlists. What’s SB ‘19 without the perfect soundtrack?

I’m aware my music taste is not that of the whole world (sadly :/), but even if these aren’t your style, I hope you find at least something you vibe with. When in doubt, there’s always Apple/Spotify radio stations, which honestly, are where I find most of my new faves. So without further ado– my personal playlists for all sorts of occasions. 

For the airplane…

 “80s AF.” A collection of all of my favorite 80s tunes…from The Outfield to Boston to REO Speedwagon, this playlist will never go out of style.

For tanning…

I’ve selected a few: “tanning,” “brightside,” and “matty watty” (don’t ask questions). “Tanning” is composed of mostly songs with great beats. Think along the lines of blackbear, Zella Day, and AJR. “Brightside” is a little more alternative rock– The Killers, The Hunna, and Panic! At The Disco. “Matty watty,” is just entirely EDM, which is always perfect for sunning.

For getting ready…

I know y’all will be plenty busy with places to go and people to see, which is why I decided to throw in a couple getting ready playlists as well: “kitchen jams for sally” and “let me know.” These are both full of fun alternative finds– the first sitting more on the upbeat side, where the second has a bit more variance.

To party…

Finally, the most important playlists of them all… the ones meant for parties! “Drunk white girls” is a list of all the classics you can sing to with your girls (e.g.”Last Friday Night,” “Stacy’s Mom,” “Toxic”)! “Carditimetaparti” is another classics playlist that is more rap-based (e.g. vintage Chris Brown, Kid Ink, Ty Dolla $ign). Last but not least, “it’s a bonfire.” Obviously based off “Bonfire” by Gambino, it has many of his best alongside Kendrick, J.Cole, and a few others.

With that, I hope midterms go wonderfully for you all 🙂

**Bonus: study playlists here and here.

Time to stop wasting your time reading, and start listening.



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