Spring Break Bod Made Easy

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For many of us (myself included), working out can be such a struggle. From finding time in your schedule to do so to deciding where to workout. Dedman? A run? Yoga? But don’t fear – I have found 3 workout studios that miraculously manage to get me to go workout and come out feeling accomplished just in time to get in top shape for spring break. They are what you might call my holy trinity of fitness.

Corepower Yoga

Corepower is a yoga studio that offers different levels of yoga classes and fitness classes that are either heated or unheated. My go-to class is Yoga Sculpt, the perfect blend of cardio, yoga, and strength training (with optional weights) in a heated environment. Yoga Sculpt is perfect for those who want a full-body and sweat-drenching workout (induced in part by the cardio and in part by the heat). Corepower offers a free week trial so you can try all their classes before you decide to purchase individual classes or a membership (which trust me you will want to do). They offer a student membership rate and there is no need to book a class ahead of time you simply show up!

Photo Courtesy of Corepower Yoga

The PilatesBarre

The PilatesBarre is a pilates studio that offers classes on a reformer with weighted springs. The classes are 50 minutes and filled with exercises that target all muscle groups. The workouts are low-cardio but high-intensity. What I love about The PilatesBarre is the slow burn and ache that I feel during class, it lets me know that my muscles are being worked! This studio is perfect for those who are not big fans of cardio but want to tone, lengthen, and strengthen. The PilatesBarre offers a single class student rate, as well as a monthly student membership rate. You can easily reserve your spot in class through their app!

Photo Courtesy of The PilatesBarre

Barry’s Bootcamp

Barry’s is a studio that offers classes that alternate muscle groups each day (to allow for muscle recovery). The Barry’s experience can be intimidating at first but it sure is addicting. The classes take place in a red room with upbeat music. You will either start class on a treadmill or on the floor doing exercises with weights. Throughout the class, you switch from the treadmill to the floor twice for a complete workout. My favorite thing about Barry’s is how motivating the instructors are, they push you to give it your all! Barry’s is perfect for those who want equal parts strength training and cardio in a motivating atmosphere! Barry’s sadly does not offer any student rates, but it does offer many class packages to choose from!

Photo Courtesy of Barry’s Bootcamp

After working out more than once at all of these studios, my favorite is Corepower Yoga! I always come out feeling refreshed (despite being drenched in a pool of my own sweat). Everyone should give these studios a try; they are all definitely worth it!


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