Sophomore Colby Kotzen at NYC Fashion Week

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Colby Kotzen just got back from New York City Fashion Week, where the stylish SMU sophomore interned for Starworks, a fashion public relations firm, and worked the shows. Colby sat down with to give us the inside scoop and behind the scene deets about her first (def not last) experience at NYFW!

Q: How did you score an internship at fashion week?
A: I interviewed over the summer with the global communications company, Starworks, which specializes in fashion PR. Ultimately I want to intern there next summer, however they gave me the opportunity to test the waters and help as an intern during fashion week.

Q: Can you give us the deets on the shows you worked?
A: Costello— some of the fabrics they used for the show looked almost like tie-dye in neutral tones as well as greens and blues–very cool. I thought that their designs looked extremely comfortable even as formal wear.
Simon Spurr—I never thought I would enjoy watching a menswear fashion show but I surprisingly loved it. All the suits had a really tailored, English look. And Anna Wintour was sitting front row. That was a highlight of my trip.

Simon Spurr Spring 2011

Monique Lhuillier—Amazing. The colors on the runway ranged from aqua blue to bright red and everything in between. There was a lot of floral, and even the backdrop of the runway featured an elegant floral painting.

Monique Lhuillier Spring 2011

Temperley London—Instead of a fashion show, they did a presentation. They displayed the spring 2011 temperley London as well as Alice by Temperley London on mannequins, which sounded dull at first but look amazing when it was finished. Something that stuck out to me with temperley was this garter belt that they paired with elegant dresses. It added a punk/edgy feel to something so simple.

Q: What did you wear? Did you plan ahead?
A: I did plan my outfits ahead of time, but my entire wardrobe for the weekend consisted of black and black—the standard uniform for everyone behind the scenes.
For the most part I wore black cocktail-type dresses paired with my trusty pair of motorcycle boots and a change of heels for the shows.

Black seemed to be the color of choice for fashion week attendees

Q: What trends stood out to you on the runways?
A: Some trends that stuck out to me were: floral’s, neutral tones, simple/clean cut lines.

Q: Did you spot any famous fashionistas or celebs?
A: I spotted a few famous fashionistas: Jessica Szohr (Gossip Girl), Emma Roberts, Perrey Reeves (Entourage), Jessica Lowndes (90210), Kelly Rutherford (Gossip Girl), Anna Wintour, Matthew Bomer (White Collar), Andre Leon Talley, Ms J. Alexander (ANTM), and more that I can’t think of off the top of my head!

Colby snaps a pic of Anna Wintour front row at Simon Spurr

Q: What shows would you have died to go to that you did not?
A: I would have given my right arm to have seen Oscar de la Renta’s show, or Marc Jacobs. I’m a huge fan of the two and I saw pieces from their new collections and they look amazing.

Q: What’s your dream fashion gig post-graduation?
A: My dream is to work in styling or fashion PR. Being there the other week gave me great perspective and allowed me to get a better feel of what exactly it is I want to do. I love watching how everything comes together and what goes into making the big production. It’s amazing how much goes into a 5-10 minutes runway show. Months of preparation.

Colby cruises by the sea of models outside Lincoln Center

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