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Innsbruck, Austria. A peaceful town, home to a wall of mountains, clear skies, and a couple of hundred college kids who swarm the town for six weeks each summer (I’m talking about you). Those weeks won’t disappoint. They’re a blur of missed trains, two euro wine, and Pub 7 grilled cheeses. Don’t plan on sleeping; six weeks isn’t as long as you’d think, and you’re going to want to live it up while you can. I’ve compiled a master list of Innsbruck musts to help you prepare for the best summer of your young adult life. How do you say ‘you’re welcome’ in German?Early-night/mid-night/late-night at Pub 7. Pub 7 is home base. Located just across from the Rossl, Pub 7 is open almost 24/7, and Manny’s grilled cheese’s are the stuff of legends. You’ll be here constantly. Order a Memphis or two and your night’ll go from zero to one hundred almost instantly.

Take the Gondola all the way up. The views are breathtaking, and on a clear day, you can see into Germany. Bring a jacket and a bottle of wine, and watch the mountain goats impossibly scale down the mountains. How rustic.

Badesee Rossau. The lake is one of the most beautiful spots in Innsbruck, and more importantly, it’s BYOB. Spend as many afternoons by the water as you can.

Hoftgarden. You’re going to be here hoften (haha).  Imagine a Truck Yard/ Rio Room hybrid. Weird? Absolutely, but Hoftgarden is a good call any night of the week (but particularly on Tuesday’s, for some reason).Blue Chip. It’s the closest he closest thing to Avenu Innsbruck can offer. Feeling more aggressive than Hoftgarden? Take a trip a few streets over to this underground club. I lost my phone here. It’s that much fun!

Take a bike tour of Salzburg. Though its not technically Innsbruck, Salzburg is so close that it’s worth making the journey. The Sound of Music tour will rock your world–no one knows you there, it’s fine. Take the tour, grab some dinner, and make it back in time for Blue Chip. You won’t regret it.Eat everything. Innsbruck has more restaurants than I can count, and not one of them was a bad choice. My personal favorites? Republica, Piano bar, Ottoburg, and Mama Mia. Eat out often. Have a glass of wine with each meal for digestion. Sleep well at night (though you won’t be sleeping much at all).

Walk everywhere. Not only is it the economical decision, but also it’s the fun one too. Cabs are readily available, and fairly inexpensive, but there’s not a bad view in the entire city; you’ll want to spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Your six weeks in Innsbruck with be some of your favorite ever. Be safe. Make good choices. Don’t miss your 8 a.m.s.

xoxo and auf weidersehen,



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