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September 19, 2018 by

What are here, there and everywhere nowadays?? Fashion bloggers!

I’m almost positive that most of you are guilty of scrolling through your Instagram feed while you’re technically supposed to be studying (I know I am!). And I’m also sure a large portion of your feed is from your go-to fashion and beauty bloggers, yet you still follow new ones on the daily. It’s basically impossible to discover an amazing blogger and then not stalk them for hours. Before you know it, you want to BE them! They all seem to have such glamorous lives and answers to anything and everything fashion and beauty. They’re kind of an addiction, but I like to consider them a healthy addiction!

From the #ootd posts to the skincare routines, what more could you need in your Insta feed? There is no better way to get inspo for your seasonal wardrobes or suggestions for new makeup products to experiment with. Even if your feed is exploding with bloggers, who cares?! There’s absolutely no such thing as too much fashion and beauty inspo! So, here are some bloggers that the SMUStyle girls don’t think anyone should live without.

Mary-Bennett Sigal:Bag Snob! I love seeing what kind of new skincare products she uses.”

Lauren Fisher: Lydia Elise Millen and Song of Style

Thaly Fajardo: Lainy Hedaya & Camille Charriere

Arden Taylor: The Fashion Guitar

Caroline Hogan:The Skinny Confidential for SURE! If she told me to draw my own blood and drink it for glowing skin I would.”

Time to ditch the homework and start the Insta scrolling!



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