SMUStyle’s Go-To Halloween Costumes

October 10, 2019 by

It’s mid-October aka midterm season but really truly aka Halloween party season!!!!

Halloween may technically only be on October 31st but let’s be real, it’s essentially a two-week long holiday with a million parties and intense pressure to find THE best costume ever known to mankind.

I promise I’m not exaggerating when I say I’ve spent more time stressing about my Halloween costumes than that test I may or may not have tomorrow (#oops!). If you don’t believe me, just take a peek at my overflowing Amazon cart and probably my not-so-fabulous grade on that exam I have tomorrow. Priorities, priorities…

Confession: I’m a terrible decision-maker!!! While I may spend way too much time fantasizing about my costumes and adding just about anything I see Halloween-related to my shopping carts, for me, actually choosing a few costumes and hitting the “place order” button is basically equivalent to making a life-changing decision. What if it’s too boring? Weird? Or over-the-top?

Well ladies, I have amazing news for you…nothing will ever be too boring, weird, or over-the-top because it’s Halloween!!! In order to avoid being like me and way overthinking costume shopping, SMUStylists have shared their all-time favorite costumes they’ve rocked in previous years. These are easy, yet will make everyone’s jaws drop to the floor, so feel free to steal these ideas entirely or just use as inspo!

Myriam Diaz: “I was a sailor one year which was super easy. Just got the captain hat and everything else I already owned. I was also a zombie which was really fun!”

Ana Paulo Tirado: “A mermaid was definitely my favorite costume.”

Nina Kidd: “I was a skeleton, so I got a full body suit from Dollskill. I also loved when I dressed up as a bunny.”

Ana Rodriguez: “Although it may not be super creative, I love dressing up as a devil because it’s a classic and almost effortless.”

Valentina Martino: “My all-time favorite halloween costumes have easily been a unicorn and Mrs. Clause!”

Arden Taylor: “I was Kim Possible last year!”

Gillian Lerdhal: “I was a flamingo! I wore a lot of pink and then did really cool makeup.”

Lauren Fisher: “I dressed up as the best rosé ever — Whispering Angel!”

We can’t wait to see your costumes!!!



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