SMUStyle’s Drugstore Beauty Master List

August 14, 2018 by

If I can guarantee one thing in life, it’s that if you drop me off at a CVS or Walgreens for one thing, I will come out with 18 other things… 45 minutes later.

Drugstore shopping can be overwhelming, hence the 45 minutes of wandering aimlessly through aisles. But, after years of practice, I’ve come down to a simple list of must-haves that will become necessities to you too. Consider this your SMUStyle Drugstore Beauty Master List. Read it, shop it, love it, visit it again and again.

Sensodyne True White Toothpaste

Let’s start with the boring stuff, aka toothpaste. I’m very very particular and OCD when it comes to oral care. I floss more than once a day and brush my teeth for at least a minute at a time. My teeth are also uber sensitive, so Crest Whitestrips are a hard pass, considering my teeth will ring with pain for weeks. Over the years, I’ve learned that most whitening toothpastes don’t necessarily do what they say, but I PROMISE Sensodyne whitening actually does work. Use it for one month and then get back to me. Bonus: helps with sensitivity (DUH).

Simple Makeup Wipes

We’ve all used the Neutrogena wipes, but do you hate the greasy, oily feeling it leaves after as much as I do? I swear, Simple wipes do not do that. They are so clean, you feel like you’ve washed your face. I prefer them over all other makeup wipes, and trust me, I’ve tried a lot. The best part is they truly are a very “natural” makeup remover, or I guess as “natural” as a drugstore product can be, but let’s not be picky. They’re also a beauty bag must-have for Lexie Hanna and Maggie Borders. The proof is in the numbers.

NYX Nude Beige Lip Liner + L’Oreal Jennifer’s Nude Lipstick

I’ve done it. I’ve found the PERFECT nude lip combination. And it doesn’t cost more than $15. Hallelujah! Actually, I’m kidding, I didn’t discover it, wish I could say I did but we’ll give Shannon Ford the credit she deserves. The point is, the lip liner is creamy and easy to apply– no mirror needed!– and the lipstick is the most beautiful “my lips but better!” shade. Wear them on top of one another and it is magical. Also, if you can’t tell by the name, “Jennifer” refers to the one and only Jenny from the block. This lipstick is not only SMUStyle approved, but JLo approved.

The Falsies Mascara

Recommended by our wonderful writer, Arden Taylor, the Falsies seems to be the buzziest product that no one can keep her hands off of. Personally, I haven’t used it in forever, but due to the fact that it is still this popular after 5-6 years or so means something. It promises to give you fluttery, false looking lashes, and from the looks of it, it’s a keeper. I mean, Gigi Hadid sells it, and if Gigi Hadid is selling it, it must be good. I’ll do anything she says.

Milani Baked Blushes

These are the ULTIMATE glow potion that every woman needs in her life. If you haven’t heard of the Milani Baked Blushes, where have you been??!!! They have them in about 12 different colors and I promise, you cannot go wrong. Once you buy one, you’ll be going back for three more. They’re marbleized, shimmery blushes that rival that of MAC, Nars, Becca, you get the picture. I like to use them to top off any blush I already have on to give skin the extra oomph it needs. Check out Luminoso if you want that peachy keen, good nights rest, look.

Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer

If you’re a friend of mine, or even a simple acquaintance, it’s not hard to tell I’m a huge fan of bronzers. I’ll test any of them out if it means I can look like I just came from the beach. I had heard good things about the Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer but never believed them until I tried it. This bronzer is what I wish the YSL bronzer was; creamy, easy to apply, gives a slight glow, pigmented, and of course, a wonderful smell (kinda rich, and well, buttery). It looks so natural with a tiny bit of concealer and a little mascara. Tip: make sure you get the darkest color, unless you have porcelain skin, to ensure a good color payoff.

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil

Another NYX product, can you blame a girl, though? All of its stuff ranges from $3-$10, a serious steal. The Jumbo Eye Pencils are essentially a cream eyeshadow in pencil form. I remember when these were super popular maybe 8 years ago, but I never fell for it. Well, a few weeks ago, I caved, and now I am a proud owner of two. They’re so easy to put on, they don’t crease, they don’t wear out, and you can wear them alone or under any eyeshadow.

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Concealer

Probably the longest name in drugstore makeup history, but it’s worth it for what it does. Another product referred to us by Lauren Fisher, this concealer literally turns back time with it’s anti-aging benefits. Even better, it has a beauty blender-esque applicator to make blending it out one less step. It also comes in a wide range of colors, so you’re bound to find one no matter your skin tone.

Ariul Juice Cleanse Mask

I vowed a long time ago to never ever EVER do a juice cleanse. But, one for my skin? I’m willing to make an exception. If you didn’t know, because I sure didn’t, CVS has a whole Korean beauty section. After starring at it for 15 minutes, I fell on this mask, the Juice Cleanse Mask with Wheat and Cellery. It sounded intriguing, and the results were just as astonishing. I’m not one to ever feel like my skin is “glowing” not even after a facial, but this mask proved me wrong. Apparently, it has all types of veggie extracts in it to give your skin the literal detox it needs. They have a brightening one, an anti-aging one, a clarifying one. Trust me, if I could tell you to get one thing from this list, it would be this.





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