Nicole Kwon: An Inside Look

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Thanks to Nicole Kwon, a short trip down 75 to Uptown’s West Village makes you feel worlds away.

The Nicole Kwon Concept Store, located in the heart of Uptown’s quaint West Village, houses a beautifully curated selection of established and emerging designers, funky greeting cards, and a treasure trove of everyday jewels. A fresh take on the typical Dallas boutique, Nicole Kwon offers pieces from all corners of the globe. A total breath of fresh air to say the least. The racks in Nicole’s sun lit space showcase cool-girl ensembles and include velvet heels, wide-brimmed hats, to-die-for sequin blazers and gauzy gowns.

If you’re shopping for a specific event, or merely shopping for the hell of it – Nicole Kwon is a one-stop-shop. From beaded jackets and lace bodysuits to absurdly comfortable t-shirts and an amazing collection of Mother denim – Nicole has a bit of everything. Other than melting at Nicole’s chic merchandise, SMUStyle also sat down with the brains behind the operation.


When and why did you decide to open Nicole Kwon?


I opened the boutique in September of 2012. I had worked in fashion design and had always wanted to run my own boutique so it naturally happened. When I moved to Dallas in 2011 from New York City, I couldn’t find a place I wanted to stop and decided to open my boutique to introduce international brands and unique designer pieces.


Where do you find inspiration for you and your store?


Growing up in Korea and then studying and working in London and New York allowed me to travel extensively. This mix of culture, art and nature from different countries are my main inspiration.

Dainty jewels perfect for layering


How does Nicole Kwon differ from other smaller boutiques in Dallas?


Instead of following trends, I buy what I would wear and always take quality, design and fit into account. As a buyer coming from a high fashion design background, the selections at my shop are more modern, unique and fun urban-wear designer pieces compared to other boutiques in Dallas. I believe I can read the needs of experienced shoppers and make them feel confident in a great look.


Who’s the typical Nicole Kwon gal?


I wouldn’t say I have a typical customer group. Nicole Kwon is for all age groups and definitely for stylish and experienced shoppers who extensively travel and shop all around the world. From students, artists, designers, lawyers, doctors, models, executives, and politicians – I love how inspiring and interesting my clients are!

Inside the West Village boutique


What is the future of Nicole Kwon?


We are expanding the shop this spring and moving to a bigger, nicer space next door. We are also introducing exclusive Japanese and Korean fashion, cosmetics and our own in-house line. We’re excited!

One of many international brands – Iro

If you haven’t yet – go. Your wallet will not be sorry.



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