SMU’s Chicest Student Spaces

September 6, 2017 by

Disclaimer: you may want to redecorate your entire dorm after reading this post.

There is no denying that SMU has a very fashion conscious student body. It should come at no surprise that the spaces that house some of our campus style icons are just as chic as the students themselves.

I’ve lined up some of my personal  favorite spaces on this campus.

First things first: SMUStyle’s very own, Alegra Volpe.

Place of residence: Off campus apartment, with her new French Bulldog puppy, Stella.

Vibe: Vintage with pops of color provided by fantastic art.

   Kisses! I mean, this is the epitome of desk goals. Painting by @drawbertson.

Love how this throw pillow mimics the colors in the artwork! (@Drawbertson)

A collection of coffee table books elegantly elevate a lamp

“When decorating my bedroom, I wanted it to be eclectic and fun. Instead of shopping for furniture and accent pieces at one specific place, I bought everything somewhere different! Most of the pieces came from vintage stores.”

Alegra has two pieces of artwork by artist Donald Robertson (@drawbertson). “I love his use of color and focus on fashion. I chose to frame his art in acrylic to contrast all the vintage pieces in my room.”

Personally, I could find an appropriate place for this cat pillow anywhere. It looks fantastic propped up in front of Alegra’s chic bulletin board.

Next in our lineup: Kennedy Farris and Aubry Hinners.

Place of residence: Kappa Kappa Gamma

Vibe: “We were going for a bright and natural vibe”, lots of light colors with African safari elements.

The black and white boy band photograph juxtaposed against the white sheepskin rug makes this desk space look cozy and super contemporary.

Love the safari elements in this space: the skin hyde rug and the zebra photograph in the background give the room so much personality.

Okay, so I just bought a zebra photograph because this one looked so dang good. Also, can I borrow this bed? I suddenly need a nap.

Meet my neighbors: Emma Hammer and Emily Beljak.

Place of residence: Pi Beta Phi

This room is more put together than I will ever be. I love how Emma layered different textures and colors.

“We had a lot to work with from the last two years, so our room came together easily and nicely,” said Emma when I bombarded her room and took photos of everything last Wednesday.

A dreamcatcher, several succulents, elephant bookends, and pretty pink vases all work together to emit Emily’s cool-girl vibe. Emily mentioned to me yesterday how much she LOVES succulents, and they look so happy on her bookshelf.

Fresh flowers and Emily’s purple prints warm up the blue walls of her room in Pi Phi.

Last but not least: Bianca Bonadelle, Noelle Kendall and Rachael Seidl!

Place of residence: off campus apartment & home to the cutest bar cart and living room set up.

If your space doesn’t already have one of these babies, I bet you’re online shopping for one right now, aren’t you?

 A couch big enough to fit all of your girlfriends is a must.

Alright, I’m off to go redecorate my own room for the one thousandth time.



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