SMU Style’s Winter Break

January 28, 2021 by

What did we do over break? Read more to find out the hottest spots we were fortunate to visit and where you must visit too.

After a hectic first semester of the school year, we were thankful to visit places around the world to spend time with family and enjoy nature even amid the current pandemic. Here’s the low-down of places you need to visit and where we enjoyed relaxing and building closer relationships with family and friends!

Andrea Gonzalez

Where: Miami, Florida
Must Do: Celebrate New Year’s on the beach

Caroline McNaughten

Where: Jackson Hole, Wyoming
Must Do: Snowmobiling

Meg Burditt

Where: New York City
Must Do: Shop at Bergdorf’s

Julia Fox

Where: Deer Valley, Utah
Must Do: Learn to ski

Katie Abrams

Where: Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica
Must Do: Watch the sunset with friends and family

Sophie McGuire

Where: Newport Beach, California
Must Do: Duffy boat cruise at sunset with family

Clementine Marcogliese

Where: New York City, Boston, and the Hamptons
Must Do: Spend time with friends and family

Maddie Noble

Where: Boston, Massachusetts
Must Do: Spend time with family

Aubrey Adams

Where: Arkansas and Missouri
Must Do: Duck hunting

I hope that y’all had a safe and enjoyable break and that you enjoyed a look into what these stylish and beautiful girls most enjoyed about the places they visited!

With love, Katie

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